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Join Nathan Artt in an impact-focused interview with Dave Dummitt, Senior Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, as they discuss the power of activating church spaces for community engagement throughout the week. 

Prior to his role at Willow Creek, Dave founded and led 2|42 Community Church in southeast Michigan.  2|42 was built on a commitment to community outreach and radical generosity with activated facilities designed to serve as community centers with indoor sports and fitness facilities, cafes, playscapes for kids, and a school for the arts open to the public seven days a week.

During this conversation, you’ll discover valuable insights Dave learned during the process of activating 2|42’s facilities and how your building can become a tool for ministry seven days a week. 

Dave shares:

  • What he learned as he led the activation of his church's facilities
      • The importance of an externally-focused culture 
      • How a building can become a tool for ministry
      • The importance of stewardship
      • The value of seeking guidance from experts.

If you're interested in maximizing your church’s impact in your community by leveraging your facilities in strategic ways, don't miss out on this interview.

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