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Activating Church Buildings - Batterson_Email Header

“It’s about being in the middle of the marketplace
where church and community can cross paths.”

- Mark Batterson

Join Nathan Artt and Pastor Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor of National Community Church, as they delve into the world of church building activation and visionary leadership and the Church of the Future. If you're interested in activating on these ideas for your church, you can also schedule your FREE analysis today. 

Pastor Mark's journey started with just a small group of around 20 people meeting in a public school. Against all odds, National Community Church became self-supportive within three years. Fast forward to today, they own a stunning $5 million property in Washington DC. Pastor Mark's story defies conventional thinking and inspires us to dream big, regardless of our budget limitations.

Fast forward to today, they own several buildings on Capitol Hill, including a nationally known coffee shop (Ebenezer's), a Dream Center, several church campuses, and the Capitol Turnaround: a property across from the Navy Yard that not only serves the community daily, but produces nearly $1M in annual revenue.

During this conversation, you’ll discover valuable insights Pastor Mark learned during the process of activating 2|42’s facilities and how your building can become a tool for ministry seven days a week. 

Highlights from the interview:

Pray for People, Not Property
Discover the power of prioritizing people over physical spaces, asking what your community needs, and how a simple coffeehouse can serve as a modern well.

Financial Wisdom and Generosity
Explore the intersection of business and missions, where money serves to ministry. Learn practical strategies for creating a ripple effect of generosity in your community.

Buildings are a Tool, not a Strategy
Let your building fund your ministry. Gain insights into viewing church buildings as tools rather than the sole strategy for ministry. Mark encourages us to think outside the box, roll up our sleeves, and actively engage with our communities to meet their needs.

Dream Big, Pray Hard, Think Long
Embrace the mindset of thinking in 70-year timelines, dreaming big, and allowing room for God's provision and creativity.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from a visionary leader who believes in creating, blessing, and serving cities. 



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