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Financial Advisory Services

We are passionate about equipping leaders to make great financial decisions at critical moments.

There is not a more important time to have financial clarity than when you are walking into the largest capital investment in the life of your church. We want to help you make great decisions by helping you identify where you are and what is required to get you to the next step. In this process, we will...



Have all of the information and options you need to make great financial decisions with clarity



Equipped with a responsible budget prior to any design work begins, you’ll have the knowledge and a funding strategy to make intelligent choices. These choices save time & money by reducing or potentially eliminating numerous revisions, redesigns, and value engineering exercises. Prepared with an efficient and fundable growth strategy, you’ll move beyond having only one offer from your local bank or being slowed down with trouble procuring funding to having banks competing for your business.



Money is an incredible servant and a terrible master. The role money will play in your ministry is based on proactive financial strategy. By matching precise debt capacity, project funding, and project budget with the design, this alignment serves as the catalyst to allow your church to take on the right size project. You can say yes to growth!

Core Services:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Donor and Attendance Analysis 
  • Long Term Financial Strategy 
  • Multisite Financial Strategy  
  • Project Funding
  • Debt Refinancing/Restructuring 
  • Financial Project Reporting
  • Lender Negotiation and Coordination

We believe in investing in relationships before asking for a commitment. With our Free Analysis, we provide a no-cost, no-obligation, and confidential analysis for your church. You can know the outcome before you make a commitment! Our analysis will provide you with an opinion for debt capacity, an attainable project budget, time-lines, milestones, and the health of your financial operations as it pertains to identifying the right project and funding it faster.


“I can’t say enough about the Ministry Solutions Team and their strategy to make our long-time challenge of successfully refinancing our mortgage a reality! Their strategy shifted us from being the organization banks didn’t prioritize as a prospect because of the complexities of church financing... to the organization that several banks were fighting to acquire as their customer.”

– Aaron Johnson | Executive Pastor, Valley Family Church


“When I spoke with Tom Gordon it did not take long to see the rightness of our partnership with Ministry Solutions. Tom is uniquely qualified from his work in the banking industry to know what financial lending institutions require while also advocating for the church’s needs. Working together met and exceeded our expectations!”

– Keith Hammer | Executive Pastor, SonRise Church


“By trusting the Ministry Solutions Team to lead an organized financial process not only allows Parkview Christian Church greater financial visibility but frees greater resources for its ministries, too.”

– Dr. Tim Harlow | Senior Pastor