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King of Kings


Since 1962, King of Kings has offered uplifting worship services and opportunities for individuals to grow in their faith and transform their lives through a relationship with God. Their community started in Omaha, NE with 75 people, has grown to over 3,500 members, is now one of the largest Churches in their denomination and continues to expand.


As the King of Kings community is rapidly growing, their team has a vision of launching 10 sites in 20 years. But what are the steps needed to get there? Where should they begin? And how can they translate their heart and emphasis on family to a physical space?

This is King of Kings’ first multi-site launch. And while this is an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming. Recognizing that her team was in unfamiliar territory, Julie Eesley, Executive Director of King of Kings, reached out to Ministry Solutions to help fill the gap. 

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The Solution

Ministry Solutions creates the clarity you need to move toward your God-inspired vision. Our goal is to humbly walk alongside you, as part of your team, to move forward confidently. We equip you with a clear and concise plan that eliminates the guesswork.

For King of Kings, we used a holistic approach that involved both digital and in-person/multi-site strategy along with a multi-site strategy for their new model of church. We spent two full days on-site with the team at King of Kings. We started by getting to know them, their vision and mission, and their identity as an organization.

The Strategy

Next, we jumped into strategy. 

We used heat maps to discover that over 50% of their congregation was driving more than 15 minutes to get to them. Additionally, there was a heavy concentration coming from about 20 minutes away, which helped us pretty quickly identify where the best spot for their next site should be.

We looked at their financials to find out what they could practically afford.

We studied their mission and values to understand who their target audience is which helped us determine how we could best reach them, serve them, and build a new Church home for them.

With our Clear Path Forward program, we helped the team at King of Kings:

  • Clarify their vision and mission
  • Identify their target audience and how those people are interacting with the church
  • Transform their vision into a physical space and a digital strategy
  • Develop their next site to have cohesive branding without being cookie-cutter
  • Create a strategic plan on how to use their digital platforms to drive in-person attendance and disciple existing members
  • Strategically select the location of their first multi-site buildout
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The Result

Ministry Solutions partnered with King of Kings to scout and evaluate buildings according to their needs and priorities, manage the project, and coordinate details between the project team and the church staff. We helped them identify the most strategic spot for the next home (a 30,000 sqft former Sprouts grocery store), walked them through the leasing process, executed the renderings and floorplans, and formulated a budget. King of Kings is now poised to begin their first multi-site buildout within the next few weeks!

And because we know that digital drives physical and vice versa, we developed a strategic plan to drive in-person attendance using digital platforms. Our plan includes working with King of Kings to utilize the next 15-18 months of the buildout process to grow their church and disciple families.


Ministry Solutions brought our vision to life in an entirely new way. The Clear Path Forward meetings helped clarify where we wanted to go and what our vision was. They were able to hear our heart and translate that to how our physical space and digital strategy might look.”

Julie Eesley
Executive Director
King of Kings