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Ministry Solutions Multisite Expansion

Multisite Real Estate Strategy

Create a duplicatable, scalable multisite model where buildings pay for themselves quickly

Ministry Solutions is the leading expert in developing financial and real estate models for multisite growth. In fact, in 2019, we had eighteen clients on the Fastest Growing Churches in America list, and most of those churches are adding one to two campuses every year. We specialize in developing a financial and facility prototype specifically in densely populated areas where real estate is expensive and spacial constraints affect expansion of existing buildings. If you are a church looking to launch your first campus, rapidly expand through additional campus growth, or revamp your existing multisite model, our team is here to help!

The biggest mistake we see churches make in their multisite model is allowing opportunities to define strategy instead of allowing strategy to define opportunities. The result? Each campus needs to be treated differently, which causes churches to get stuck in a model that isn’t scalable from a financial or experiential perspective. Campuses are either too expensive and take years to attain sustainability or too different in experiential components making it difficult to maintain the ideal experience for the church at multiple locations.

While multisite locations can never be identical, they should be identifiable. Every person who comes on site should have the ideal experience of your organization whether in a temporary, leased, or permanent location. These buildings should also pay for themselves quickly so that you can continue to launch campuses across the area in which you have influence. In order to maintain optimal growth efficiency, you not only need to know where to establish your next campus but also the type of building and how much to spend to steward your investment well.

Our team of experts will partner with you to take opportunities off the table so you can identify the right ones and measure their success. We will create a financial model that also identifies what you need from an experiential and programmatic perspective in order to scale your on-campus experience. This self-funded ministry model will define a financial and facility prototype along with location properties for you to begin the process of finding the right property at the right price, which will sustain you for years to come.

Core Services:

  • Donor and Attendance Data Analysis 
  • Programming and Spacial Needs Analysis 
  • Facility Prototype
  • Heat Mapping to determine site location 
  • Cash Flow Analysis to determine debt/lease capacity 
  • Debt Strategy: How much makes sense?
  • Data Analysis to determine fundraising capacity and strategy, if necessary
  • Total Project Budget(s) based on needs analysis and building types 
  • Lease or Buy Analysis
  • Property Search Criteria 
  • A Long Term Financial Strategy for multisite growth
  • A Clear Strategy to define the right opportunities 

Is your church ready for growth?

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