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Providing expertise to some of the fastest growing churches in America.

“Your team developed a beautiful, pragmatic design that will serve us well. It meets all our requirements while maintaining affordability. Dave did a wonderful job with the design. Everyone is very excited with how he manifested the vision.”

Andrè Bright
Project Coordinator,
Raleigh North Christian Center

"I can't say enough about the Ministry Solutions Team and their strategy to make our long-time challenge of successfully refinancing our mortgage a reality! Their strategy shifted us from being the organization banks didn't prioritize as a prospect because of the complexities of church financing... to the organization that several banks were fighting to acquire as their customer."

Aaron Johnson
Executive Pastor, Valley Family Church

“By trusting the Ministry Solutions Team to lead an organized financial process not only allows Parkview Christian Church greater financial visibility but frees greater resources for its ministries, too.”

Dr. Tim Harlow
Senior Pastor

"Ministry Solutions partnered with us to tackle one of the largest financing projects our church has taken on to date. Not only did Ministry Solutions get it done, they saved us over a million dollars in the process."
Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson
Lead Pastor, National Community Church

National Community Church
"No one will work harder to see your church succeed in securing financing than Ministry Solutions."
carey nieuwhof

Carey Nieuwhof
Founding Pastor, Connexus Church

Connexus Church
"The best decision we made in our building process was hiring Ministry Solutions and bringing them on early in the process."
Tim Staier

Tim Staier
Lead Pastor, Elevate Life Church

Elevate Life Church
"Over and over, Ministry Solutions helps our churches do more with what they have, and he helps them take steps toward making their vision a reality."
Lane Jones

Lane Jones
Director, North Point Ministries

North Point Ministries
"Ministry solutions is one of the best organizations I’ve worked with.  They helped us make better decisions that led to a great project.  Our partnership with them was a game changer."
Chris Bell

Chris Bell
Lead Pastor, 3Circle Church

3Circle Church
"They not only saved us a substantial sum of money, allowing us to make important hires; they have become a partner in our church’s mission"
Bobby Smith | Lead Pastor Journey Community Church | Evans, GA

Bobby Smith
Lead Pastor, Journey Community Church 

Journey Community Church Evans, GA

"Nathan Artt and the Ministry-Solutions team have brought a revolutionary approach to help churches create financial margin and manage projects for church expansion in a cost-effective way. They assist churches in getting the best funding when needed, make the best decisions about facilities in order to get the maximum return on financial investment and then manage the project to insure maximum savings. They do for local churches what local church leaders want to do but don’t know how to do it. Engaging Ministry Solutions will be one of the smartest investments your church will ever make and will save your church more money than you can imagine. Don’t do another project without them!"


Jim Tomberlin
Founder of MultiSite Solutions

MultiSite Solutions
"I wholeheartedly, without reservation… recommend Ministry Solutions to be part of your team and your future expansion and the vision that God has placed on your heart. They can help you get it done.

Jason Delgado
Lead Pastor, Vibrant Church

Vibrant Church
"Ministry Solutions is the full package. They come with loads of experience, a wealth of knowledge, a drive to get the job done, great character and stellar people skills. Ministry Solutions are not only first rate experts in the field, they are also a blast to work with. We’d hire them again in a second. No further search needed. Hire Ministry Solutions."

Bobby Conway
Lead Pastor, Life Fellowship

Life Fellowship Church
"Ministry Solutions has been a huge blessing to me and Generations Church. We could not have gotten to this point without them!”

Troy Knight
Lead Pastor,  Generations Church

Generations Church
"After working with Ministry Solutions, I can say without hesitation that we will not do another building project without having them be a part of it.”
Les Newsom

Les Newsom
Lead Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church

"I believe growing churches should do a Clear Path Forward every few years to help them evaluate their ever-changing needs and better understand where they can provide the most value for their church community"
Glen Brechner-Circle

Glen Brechner
Executive Director, Chase Oaks Church

Chase Oaks Church
"Ministry Solutions was the only team to truly listen to the heartbeat of Riverside Church and create a plan around their unique vision and goals."

Matt Nations
Executive Pastor, Riverside Church

“This protects our church and sets us up to meet our objectives in the future. We were able to honor the two church families who came alongside us in a time we needed it.”

Keith Hammer
Executive Pastor, SonRise Church

“The Ministry Solutions team is worth their weight in gold. Even though this is our first building project, we navigated complicated decisions quickly and confidently thanks to the expertise of this team. They've paid for themselves ten times over in the money they've saved us on this project.”

Derek Adye
Executive Pastor, Grace Community Church

“I would absolutely recommend Ministry Solutions. They have the knowledge and expertise. Ministry Solutions has the people who know what to do in each specific area, whether that be finance, construction, or design. They have the people who have the expertise and that aspect was great for us.”

Steve Franklin
Director of Operations, Journey Christian Church

Journey Christian Church
I was blown away because before working with Ministry Solutions, I would go to the bank meetings attempting to pitch them on why they should choose us, but with Ministry Solutions, the banks were pitching us on why we should choose them!

Brian Moore
Senior Pastor, Crosspointe Church



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