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Free Refinance Assessment

Every church we work with has one challenge in common: they have more needs and vision than they have resources. Pastors of growing churches all over the country are constantly having to prioritize their budget in this way. Essentially, the church has to say no to something (or someone) in order to be able to say yes to something else.

While it’s always important to continue looking for ways to improve top line revenue, we are currently in a time when churches could potentially add six figures of margin to their budget without having to increase their giving.

Your FREE Refinance Assessment includes:

  • An assessment of current debt position and the opportunity for refinance
  • Professional consultation on debt capacity, project budget, timelines, milestones, and the health of your financial operations;
  • Advice and insight on the debt refinancing process
  • Access to our dedicated team throughout the assessment
  • And more!

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