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Riverside Church


Riverside Church, located in Fort Myers, Florida, is “a group of ordinary people who are trying to follow Jesus by living out his command to make disciples who love God and to love others.” As a 106-year-old church under new pastoral leadership, they were searching for a way to solve immediate space needs while exploring ways to get more people on their campus Monday through Saturday who may never come on a Sunday.


During the pandemic, Riverside Church was able to stop and take the time to evaluate what they wanted their church to look like once they reopened. Not only did they desire to solve their current issues, such as needing a better kid space, increasing security, and building better offices, but they wanted to explore creating a community space.

Executive Pastor, Matt Nations, expressed that their team realized they were in a great financial position to solve these challenges, however, they needed a strategic partner to tackle this building project flawlessly.



After interviewing several organizations, Ministry Solutions was the only team to truly listen to the heartbeat of Riverside Church and create a plan around their unique vision and goals.

Matt mentioned that Ministry Solutions provided them with the space to think outside the box and truly come up with creative solutions as they dreamt about what their community space might become.

Ministry Solutions

In their Clear Path Forward, Ministry Solutions built a strategy for Riverside Church to solve their immediate needs while exploring how to use their additional acreage to create community spaces for the public. The Ministry Solutions team took Riverside through:

  1. Financial Clarity: A deep dive into giving and cash flow to gain an understanding about the highest and best use of funds, and specifically how to fund this project.
  2. Vision Clarity: The onsite meeting where specific attention was given to the data and finances of Riverside, applying options, costs, and potential funding strategies to that vision.

Move Forward Clarity: With clarity in finances, vision, and scope, a Comprehensive Strategy document was provided to bring this building project vision into a reality.

When asked whether or not Riverside Church felt equipped to take the next step in executing their plan, Matt responded, “As long as Ministry Solutions is holding our hands, then yes”. Currently, Ministry Solutions is partnering with Riverside to execute the Clear Path Forward plan so that their pastors can remain on mission and do what God has called them to in this season.


At Ministry Solutions, our goal is to be the person that steps in so you can continue to do the ministry God has called you to.

As Riverside’s building project launches, the team is bringing to fruition ways to engage people on a daily basis rather than simply having an attractive building that draws people in on a Sunday with no connection. Ministry Solutions has helped them understand how to use their building as a tool to engage the lost, rather than simply a building for Sunday services.


"Ministry Solutions was the only team to truly listen to the heartbeat of Riverside Church and create a plan around their unique vision and goals."


Matt Nations
Executive Pastor,
Riverside Church