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Ministry Solutions Owner's Representation

Owner's Representation

We equip leaders to make great decisions at every critical moment.

What qualifies a project as successful for your church?

For us, a successful project comes down to three critical criteria- the right project based on your needs, completed within the timelines that will accelerate your growth, within the budget that creates financial margin. If all three of these components come together, your church will be in a position to accelerate its vision not only for this project, but for future projects to come.

There are three brand promises that we hold our entire team accountable to while serving you and your church:

  1. Eliminate Guesswork
  2. Accelerate the Process
  3. Protect the Purpose

A Different Approach

The biggest challenges that churches have during the planning and execution phases of a building project are getting the right people on the team, and managing the process and objectives to which those people are held. Our approach focuses on getting the right people on board, and then consolidating all of the moving parts within the process into one, cohesive action plan. Instead of trying to manage everything yourself- fundraising, bank funding, civil engineering, site selection, architect and GC selection, design, pricing, AVL, team coordination, etc.- we manage all of that for you based on your goals and objectives. We are a team of experts who act as an extension of your staff, protecting your interest and purpose as our own.

A listing of specific services we provide as your representative:

  • Master Budget Development
  • Master Scheduling
  • Programming
  • Architect Selection
  • Contractor Selection
  • AVL and Engineer Selection
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Coordination
  • Bank Funding Coordination
  • Due Diligence/Pre-Design Services
  • For Purchase/Relocation
  • Site Selection
  • Pro Forma Analysis of Space and Usage


Is your church ready for growth? 

You can know the outcome before you make a commitment. With our Free Analysis, we provide a no-cost, no-obligation, and confidential analysis for your church.


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