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There is no bigger capital expense than a building project, and we want to equip you to make great decisions at the critical moments that help you steward that money so that you are able to maximize ministry. 

Building projects are complex and expensive. We help leaders find clarity in that complexity and provide the information you need to make great decisions at the critical moments in the process 

This free analysis is for growing, innovative churches who are looking to move forward on a building project within the next two years.

In this free analysis, we will provide accuracy and clarity as to:

  • What you can afford 
  • What options are available within your budget
  • Potential funding strategies to move you forward
  • The Path for you to move forward 
  • If you should lease or purchase
  • Heat map analysis to determine potential future locations 
  • Cash flow analysis to determine debt capacity 
  • Donor analysis to determine potential fundraising capacity 
  • Potential income producing components for the project