Solutions for Growing Churches

Accelerate Your Vision for the Future

Discover tailored solutions guided by seasoned consultants, each designed with your church’s growth in mind.

Buildings & Finance

From Concept to Completion Consulting: Fund the right project faster.

Digital Engagement

Create strategies to increase discipleship, engagement, and evangelism through digital pathways.


Accelerate ministry growth by adding self-sustaining additional campuses.

Buildings That Fund Ministry

Leverage buildings to fund ministry by serving your community throughout the week.

Church Mergers

Accelerate ministry growth by merging or adopting churches that own existing real estate.

Organizational Clarity and Strategy

Align your ministry, your team, and your mission to unlock the God-inspired vision for your church.

Data Insights and Reporting

Create clarity by turning raw numbers into compelling stories.

Succession Planning

Protect the legacy and future of your church through healthy leadership transitions.

Leadership Development

Equip yourself for the Church of the Future by connecting with the best thought leaders in ministry and business.

Identify Your Clear Path Forward

During your free 30-minute consultation, one of our consultants will connect with you to learn more about your church, clarify where you are now, understand where you want to go, and provide you with recommendations and feedback for a clear path forward for your church.



where you are



where you want to go



your clear path forward to get there

Meet Your Consultants

In the journey of growing your church, our consultants serve as seasoned guides, empowering you with their firsthand experience to navigate the intricate landscape of growth. Your vision is the blueprint, and we're here to ensure your success.


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