Succession Planning

Guiding Your Church's Future: 
Seamless Succession Planning for Lasting Stability

Senior leaders often give little or no consideration to what will happen once they leave the organization. They sometimes think it’s too soon to begin planning for a transition that is still years down the road. But as the transition nears, a sense of anxiety grows. This is often due to a lack of plans or direction.

There are many unanswered questions that can leave a leader paralyzed when thinking about succession planning:

  1. How do I identify the right person? 

  2. Is the right person inside of the organization now? Should I be looking outside? 

  3. How and when do I communicate to a potential successor? 

  4. Who needs to be involved and informed at different stages in the process? 

  5. How do I ensure that my family and my future are taken care of as I am processing this? 

  6. What do I not know that could negatively impact my church in this process?

The 4 Benefits of Succession Planning

Preparation for the church / organization as they transition to a different leadership.

Equipping for the new leader as he/she steps into a new role.

Support for the new leader during the first twelve months in a new role.

Direction for the outgoing leader in their new season of life.

How We Can Help

Equipping existing and future leaders to transition into the future of their church by:

Identifying Leaders

Identify the key requirements for the role and develop a talent pool

Board Communication

How to navigate then when, how, and why with your trusted leadership

Organizational Alignment

How to set up your organization for a successful transition and future

Staff Development

Develop a mentorship and development strategy to ensure staff is ready to step into new roles

Our Process

Before we enter into a lengthy engagement with you and your team, we want to spend some time on-site with you to clarify your vision for creating a holistic engagement strategy, provide insights into the direction, and ultimately deliver you a plan to move forward. 

Getting succession planning right is paramount to your ability to impact people on a daily basis. Having clarity at the beginning will allow you to avoid the pitfalls most leaders make in clearly identifying and executing these strategies. 


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