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ebook: Target Corp & the Flexible Church

Author: Nathan Artt
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Interview with Dave Dummitt

Join Nathan Artt in an impact-focused interview with Dave Dummitt, Senior Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, as they discuss the power of activating church spaces for community engagement throughout the week.

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Activate Your Church Building for Community Impact

In this interview, Nathan Artt sits with our friends David J. Gunter, Stan Reiff, and Ted R. Batson, Jr., from CapinCrouse, all experts in this space, to discuss these topics and the big question:  How do we activate our church buildings to create a greater community impact while being financially sustainable?

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Frank Blake Webinar

Webinar: Digital Transformation with Frank Blake

Horst Schulze Interview

Video: Interview with Horst Schulze and Nathan Artt

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Generis Level Up Podcast: Digital Ministry and the Evolution of the Modern Church with Nathan Artt

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eBook: Dysfunctional Stewardaship

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eBook: Intelligent Church Real Estate

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eBook: Gutenberg, Amazon and the Evolution of the Modern Church.

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