Church Mergers

Re-Resourcing Kingdom Vision Together 

Navigating Church Mergers

Church mergers are the most popular way for thriving churches to expand their reach and impact by working with either struggling or healthy, smaller churches who have desirable properties. However, church mergers are also one of the most difficult opportunities to navigate for many reasons. 

For church mergers to be successful, it requires a delicate and objective process, as well as a lot of patience, empathy, and expertise. Churches who are joining a larger or healthier church are not just giving up their building, they are handing over their God inspired vision for the future. 

We’ll assist you in the following areas:

Improve your odds for success by having an objective, experienced third party helping both churches navigate the complexities of the merger, the emotions, and the tough questions.

Maximize your due diligence in the process so that what appears to be a gift now doesn’t become a burden on your ministry later. Free buildings can easily cost millions of dollars.

Create unity and alignment with your congregation, your elders, and your key stakeholders by having a clear communication strategy, the right people around the table, and the right timing.

Clarify a clear ministry plan to maximize staff alignment, streamline ministry programs, create discipleship pathways, and ultimately merge the two churches into a singular, cohesive action plan to maximize community impact.

How We Can Help

We equip leaders to be better together with:

Merger Feasibility

Financial Feasibility

Ministry Strategy

Board Consulting

Organizational Alignment

"I was blown away because before working with Ministry Solutions Group, I would go to the bank meetings attempting to pitch them on why they should choose us, but with Ministry Solutions Group, the banks were pitching us on why we should choose them!"

Brian Moore
Brian Moore

Senior Pastor, Crosspointe Church (MS Client)

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