Digital Engagement

Connecting People to Jesus and Each Other

Balance Today’s Needs with Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Disruption and Innovation have redefined church strategies faster than ever before. We know that we are moving towards a new, undefined future while also having to address today’s realities. A solid digital strategy allows us to embrace future change and still address our current needs. 

Ministry Solutions Group has pulled together the top thought leaders in digital engagement in the church, representing churches with millions of people engaged in digital discipleship, evangelism, and outreach through their local church on a weekly basis. 

There are so many questions that have to get answered to create an effective digital strategy:

  1. How do we create a both/and versus an either/or strategy with our digital and physical environments? 

  2. How do we compel people to make the Gospel a part of their everyday lives through the local church? 

  3. How do we use the digital platform in order to attract people to our buildings on Sunday? 

  4. How do we best connect people with Jesus and with each other? 

How We Can Help

We equip leaders to accelerate digital engagement with:

Digital Strategy

Increase engagement and evangelism opportunities 

Discipleship Pathways

Helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus Monday to Friday

Online Giving

Increase generosity with compelling digital storytelling

Evangelism Pathways

How to get people who don’t know Jesus to connect with the local church 

Organizational Alignment

Creating alignment and structure to maximize the both/and engagement strategy

"The two-day Clear Path Forward on-site experience was just tremendous. It was a series of AHA moments recognizing where we were, where we needed to be going, identifying goals, and outlining how to pursue digital expansion for our church. After two days with Ministry Solutions Group, we had that clarity. That was followed up by an in-depth report of the next steps we needed to implement that strategy. Now we know how to proceed and have our goals clearly outlined for the rest of the year."

Lauren Bercarich
Lauren Bercarich

Digital Director, Liquid Church

Our Process

Before we enter into a lengthy engagement with you and your team, we want to spend some time on site with you to clarify your vision for creating a holistic engagement strategy, provide insights into the direction, and ultimately deliver you a plan to move forward. 

Getting digital strategy right is paramount to your ability to impact people on a daily basis. Having clarity at the beginning will allow you to avoid the pitfalls most leaders make in clearly identifying and executing these strategies. 


"Learning from Kyle and the others in real time on digital strategies has been really helpful. I loved gleaning from the data studies, successes, and failures. It has helped me to prioritize and filter for my tactics and strategies for discipleship at Engedi."

Kimber Lui
Kimber Lui

Discipleship and Leadership Development Pastor, Engedi Church

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