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Project Management

We execute the vision and strategic goals of your organization in the largest capital investment you will make in the life of your church

Expansion projects are one of the largest, if not the largest, capital investments a church will make in its lifetime. The stewardship of this process should be led by experienced people who can deliver on these types of projects, acting on your behalf. We have a full team of former architects and contractors who have joined our efforts to leverage their experience and see the local church succeed in growth. 

Church projects are difficult because construction is only one facet of a successful project. We’ve seen that getting to construction is sometimes more difficult than getting through construction. At Ministry Solutions, we have a dedicated team of people who manage the design, pricing, AVL integration, civil engineering, bank oversight, construction, and third party vendors. Their management ensures that your strategy, put in place during design, is executed with excellence to both protect and maximize your time and the stewardship of the entrusted funds.

While it is ideal to have this leadership at the beginning of a project before all parties are hired or before design begins, we realize that is not the case for every project. In fact, more than half of the projects we manage have either been in planning for a substantial amount of time or completely stalled needing realignment and leadership. If you are down that road, and your project hasn’t met budget or timeline expectations, we are here to help.

We offer a comprehensive approach in project management from concept to completion, which keeps all parties involved accountable to the goals and objectives from the first design ideas to occupancy of the building. We coordinate multiple, interrelated facets of the project from design to completion for your project to be delivered not only on time and in budget but also meeting the vision and strategic goals of your organization. We have saved millions of dollars for churches on individual projects simply by bringing a level of project leadership from the industry’s top experts who have a heart for serving the local church.

Core Services:

  • Architect, General Contractor, and Vendor Selection
  • Master Budget Development
  • Costing and Budget Management 
  • Timeline Management 
  • Third Party Vendor Coordination 
  • Value Engineering 
  • Owner-Architect-Contractor Leadership 
  • Lender Coordination 
  • Integration of all Third Parties 
  • Turnaround and Realignment for struggling projects
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting to client

Is your church ready for growth?

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