Chase Oaks Church: Transforming Spaces, Impacting Lives - The Journey to a Community-Driven Ministry Hub

Embark on the inspiring journey of Chase Oaks Church, a vibrant and diverse community in Plano, Texas, known for its commitment to transformation and making a positive impact. Partnering with Ministry Solutions, Chase Oaks initially set out on a multi-million dollar project to elevate and expand their campuses. However, as the landscape of community needs evolved amid the challenges of COVID-19, so did Chase Oaks' vision. Shifting from "What does the church need?" to "What does the community need from our church?", the focus became clear. With intentional collaboration with community leaders, Chase Oaks designed the Local Good Center, a multifunctional space catering to the diverse needs of East Plano. The center facilitates ESL classes, offers free space for immigration attorneys, houses a food pantry, clinic, kitchen, and a versatile meeting space. The results have been remarkable, with the building booked for community events, a highly engaged volunteer base, and generous community support. Ministry Solutions played a crucial role in evaluating buildings, managing the project, and ensuring the vision became a reality. Chase Oaks Church has successfully transformed its space into a dynamic hub that not only hosts Sunday services but, more importantly, serves as a beacon of community impact and relevance throughout the week. The Local Good Center stands as a testament to the power of visionary leadership, community engagement, and purpose-driven spaces that transcend traditional church boundaries.



Ministry Solutions partnered with Chase Oaks Church by taking their team through the  process and ultimately managed their building project. The original Clear Path Forward included a multi-million dollar project to elevate and expand their multiple campuses starting in the spring of 2022.

However, as Covid began to force us to reshape the thought process around the use of buildings, the leadership team at Chase Oaks decided to go in a different direction. As we assisted in the development of their project, the question changed from “What does the church need?” to “What does the community around us need from our church?”.



We quickly learned that the community was eager and ready to answer that question. While Plano is known as a wealthy suburb of Dallas, East Plano has a very different demographic with a very large immigrant population. With the feedback from community leaders, we worked with Chase Oaks to design a building that would facilitate ESL classes with childcare, free office space for immigration attorneys, a food pantry, a small clinic, a kitchen, and a meeting space that would accommodate over 200 chairs for community leaders and non-profit organizations to host events. There was intentionality in creating a space that was designed to facilitate community during the week that can also host church services on Sunday morning.

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According to Glen Brechner, Executive Director, and the Chase Oaks team, the Local Good Center has been a huge success. The building is scheduled out with community events for the next six months, the church has a very engaged volunteer base at this location, and people are giving generously to it. The location has created a buzz and a relevance in the community it serves that has driven attendance and engagement. 

Ministry Solutions linked arms with Chase Oaks Church to evaluate buildings according to their needs and priorities, integrate the architect and general contractor into the team, manage the project to ensure everything stayed on budget, and coordinate details between the project team and the church Staff. As of today, Chase Oaks Church’s community center is complete and the space is fully being utilized by their community!

At Ministry Solutions, our goal is create the clarity you need to move forward towards your God inspired vision.

Glen Brechner, Executive Director, shared that what they valued the most during their Clear Path Forward experience was gaining an outside perspective and process, which provided their team and their elders peace of mind knowing they were partnering with a team of experts to lead them through making such a large financial decision. Glen shared that he believes growing churches should do a Clear Path Forward every few years to help them evaluate their ever-changing needs and better understand where they can provide the most value for their church community. 

"I believe growing  churches should do a Clear Path Forward every few years to help them evaluate their ever-changing needs and better understand where they can provide the most value for their church community "

Glen Brechner-Circle
Glen Brechner

Executive Director, Chase Oaks Church

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