Clear Path Forward

Our mission for The Great Commission has not changed. The way people engage with the Church has.

Therefore the strategies and tactics we use to engage people must evolve for us to maximize impact

There are so many questions to answer...

  • What does our in-person model need to look like to get people “back” to church?
  • What role does digital play in our overall strategy? 
    What digital tools would be most helpful for reaching our mission and where can we get them?
  • How do we create a holistic engagement strategy that will reach new people and create community with our existing congregation?
  • Are we aligned organizationally for growth and maximum effectiveness? 

Most leaders today have clarity in what impact looks like, but lack the clarity in how to get from where they are to reaching that vision for maximum effectiveness.

Our Clear Path Forward will help you and your leadership teams solidify your current reality with a clearly defined strategy to reach your preferred future.

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The Clear Path Forward is a 30-day process that culminates with one to two days on-site with you and your team.

The outcome will be a clearly defined written deliverable including:

Clarifying Your Missional and Organizational Identity

A Clearly Defined Strategy

What Tools You Need In Order To Effectively Execute That Strategy

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