Valley Family Church: A Strategic Journey to Financial Freedom

Valley Family Church found themselves able to refinance their mortgage but were at workload capacity with a full plate of ministry and responsibilities running their church home in Kalamazoo, Michigan.



The Leadership team at Valley Family prioritized the church refinance to further their mission of providing a debt-free home for future generations and allocated the resources they could to locate bank partners. Their search lasted longer than they had hoped and seeking out banks one by one to present the refinance opportunity became time consuming and disheartening. A dedicated effort to a bank search can be nearly impossible while running and managing all ministry and church duties.

Aaron Johnson, one of Valley Family’s Executive Pastors, met Ministry Solutions’ Nathan Artt the year prior and Nathan’s name came to mind when Aaron realized their team needed a dedicated resource to manage and complete the refinance. Nathan introduced Aaron to the Ministry Solutions’ team in order to tackle their refinance challenges head on. Valley Family’s leadership team made the decision to partner with Ministry Solutions and the financial advisory project was underway!

Ministry Solutions

Valley Family’s refinance was led by Tom Gordon, Ministry Solutions’ Director of Finance. Tom created a personalized strategy for Valley Family to present to numerous potential bank partners. Tom selected mid-size banks who were a good fit for Valley Family’s specific needs and had the right appetite for the deal. As soon as prospective bank partners were secured, Tom tailored the financial standing proposal for each potential bank and it was distributed. Valley Family now had their best foot forward and the result of Tom’s personalized approach spoke for itself: four banks began bidding on the Valley Family’s business. The competition between four banks drove the price down and resulted in two banks aggressively pursuing the business. Tom Gordon turned Valley Family’s search for banks’ consideration into several banks searching for Valley Family’s valuable business.

The Outcome

The bank who won the business refinanced the loan and Valley Family Church now saves $200,000 a year. When a loan is refinanced there is a lot of peace in knowing you did not put all your eggs in one basket. Tom specially-crafted Valley Family’s strategy to attract the right bank for them. Instead of feeling pressure to jump on the first offer they received, Valley Family was able to process each offer with the Ministry Solutions’ team and make the best decision, which resulted in tremendous yearly savings. The burden of this refinance has been lifted from Valley Family and they can now rejoice in the excitement of $200,000 saved yearly to put back into ministry capacity. The Valley Family’s Leadership team can focus on their roles of growing the church with the peace of mind that there was no neglect of their financial situation. 


"I can't say enough about the Ministry Solutions Team and their strategy to make our long-time challenge of successfully refinancing our mortgage a reality! Their strategy shifted us from being the organization banks didn't prioritize as a prospect because of the complexities of church financing... to the organization that several banks were fighting to acquire as their customer."

Aaron Johnson

Executive Pastor, Valley Family Church

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