Gutenberg, Amazon, and the Evolution of the Modern Church

What do the Gutenberg press and Amazon have to do with the church?

As a result of COVID-19, churches have been forced into a digital platform as a primary means of reaching their people. The result? Most churches we know, who had a digital platform prior to COVID, have grown their average weekly attendance by four to five times.

Relevance lives at the intersection of purpose and practice. It’s the place where our why meets our how. In this next iteration of church buildings, it is my hope that we will design and plan for buildings to be as relevant as they are reverent.

This resource will discuss:

The true definition of corporate worship

The heart of corporate worship is not found primarily in a Sunday event but an engagement of people with one another within the movement of the Gospel.

How churches can separate the 'why' and the 'how'

Why is missional; how is practical. Practices can change, but the mission should not.

Making the digital platform your greatest evangelism tool

We have an unbelievable opportunity with the digital platform to meet people where they are with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can introduce them to the Gospel in the comfort of their homes, eliminating the tension of walking into a foreign environment with new people whom they potentially already mistrust.

And much more!


What Leaders Are Saying...

"As Nathan Artt rightfully notes, the question isn’t “What should people do?” it’s “What will people do?” as we seek to decipher what ministry will look like in a post-COVID-19 world. His thoughts and insights will help you and your leadership team navigate the choppy and disruptive waters ahead."

Larry Osborne
Larry Osborne

Pastor | North Coast Church

"As the Co-Founder of the Ritz-Carlton, I am no stranger to leading an organization through a crisis. We are living in uncertain times and I believe Nathan’s insights in this resource could not be more timely. This resource will guide you in how to create the best experience for your congregation coming out of a crisis, align your staff with the right priorities, and help you maximize your Kingdom impact while leading through change."

Horst Schulze

Co-Founder | Ritz-Carlton

"Nathan Artt has a unique gift to see opportunity where others see challenge. He's a brilliant thinker with a deep passion to serve the church. His insights in this book will challenge and encourage you to take a critical look at the changes the church is facing in the days ahead. With helpful historical perspective and compelling vision, he will equip you with the courage to embrace change with confidence."

Jenni Catron
Jenni Catron

Author, Speaker, and Founder of The 4Sight Group

"In an instant Church leaders were faced with a question—what is the Church? For decades, perhaps longer, the Church and her gathering were synonymous, and in one weekend gatherings were no more... for the moment. Faced with this new reality, Church leaders had to decide, innovation or death. Is Church a people or a place? What will the future hold? With keen insight and powerful illustrations, Nathan Artt puts before us a challenging and helpful approach to answering our initial questions, and more."

Leonce Crump
Léonce B. Crump Jr.

Author, Renovate: Changing Who You Are By Loving Where You Are | Founder, Renovation Church

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