Brittany DeRoche

Areas of Expertise

Brittany DeRoche joined Ministry Solutions in March 2020 as a Project Administrator. She brings over 19 years of experience to the team with a diverse background in customer service, project management, logistics, and marketing.
Brittany is responsible for providing administrative support to the project managers. She helps them stay organized, on track, and ensures that all items are progressing well for project success. With her diverse skill sets and extensive experience, she can perform various roles within the project management department, such as developing and managing project schedules, managing calendars, creating project documents, and streamlining processes to enhance productivity in the company.
Brittany also has a key role on the activated spaces team, leading the process of childcare partnerships.

Brittany is happily married to her best friend Peter and together they have four children: Hannah, Amelia, Sean, and Olivia. As a family, they love spending time outdoors, camping, and traveling. Despite their busy schedules, they still make time for each other. In addition to her career and family, Brittany is an ultra-runner, triathlete, coffee aficionado, and nutrition enthusiast. Her dedication to athletics is reflected in her daily life and work, and she doesn't let obstacles get in her way. Brittany is a woman of great faith, always looking for the positives in life, and inspiring others with her positive outlook.

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