Derek Murphy

Buildings and Finance, Project Clarity, Project Management,  Property Selection

Being passionate in pursuit of Christ Jesus, Derek’s devotion to the building of God’s kingdom is amplified by 26 years of professional commercial construction building experience. Derek served alongside Ministry Solutions as the General Contractor on a large project 2 years prior to coming on board and is a dynamic fit to the vision and service of the Ministry Solutions Team.

Derek is a graduate of the Auburn University Building Science program and was a Project Executive within his general construction firm for the previous 8 years. His career has provided a variety of different building experiences including government, military installations, municipal, health care, large commercial, multifamily, and education. With a strong heart for ministry and service, Derek has always felt a special calling to the multiple church building projects within this portfolio.    

Derek Murphy joined Ministry Solutions in October 2022, serving as a Project Manager. The Project Manager’s primary role is to give special attention to design goals and deadlines, construction milestones, budgetary goals, and quality assurance to building standards while maintaining a strong and efficient team synergy. The Project Manager assists the owner in the selection of the construction team and vendors, will lead all project meetings, develop and maintain the overall project schedule, establish the project budget, and manage the project expectations from start to finish, documenting all processes for the client to ensure quality guidance in all decision-making processes.

Derek resides on a small farm south of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Emily where they homeschool their children, Ella, Evan, and Emmett. Derek is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, backpacking, and kayaking with his family, and serves as the men's minister within his local church congregation.

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