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Ministry Solutions Project Financing

Clear Path Forward

We provide you with a Clear Path Forward to fund and develop the right project(s), faster.

Leaders often have a clear vision but lack the clarity in how to get there especially when it comes to multimillion-dollar building projects, relocations, or multisite expansions. Our goal is to eliminate the guesswork for growth by equipping you to make great decisions in critical moments. 

The Clear Path Forward (CPF) consists of three major components:

  1. Pre-Work: Financial and Programming Information Gathering and Analysis
  2. Onsite Visit: Visioning and Financial Workshop Sessions & Initial Conceptual Plans Design
  3. Post-Work: Financial and Facilities Strategy & Deliverable Development

The heart of our CPF is the onsite meeting where we spend one to three days with church leadership to assess your vision and needs and create a strategy to define your opportunities. However, much of the success of the onsite visit is in the pre-work phase. Prior to the visit, we spend one to two months researching and engaging with data that you provide. We collect, analyze, and draw initial assessments from your cash flow review, capacity analysis, and giving data.

During the onsite visit, we will conduct a deeper dive into understanding your vision, where you want to go, including areas of expansion such as, amount of seats, family ministry space, parking, and other spacial needs. With this gained understanding, we apply options, costs, and potential funding strategies to your vision. Ultimately, we land with a high-level plan of how to move forward while still holding tightly to your culture and mission.

Whether your next growth step is moving from portable to your first permanent location, establishing your first multisite campus, or looking to revamp your existing multisite model, the Clear Path Forward will pave the way with clarity. It will help you know what type of property to acquire or lease and how much capital you need to raise and borrow. More importantly, it will show you how to create a real estate model or project that fuels and funds the ministry of your church for years to come.  

Core Services and Deliverables:

  • Donor and Attendance Data Analysis 
  • Programming and Spacial Needs Analysis 
  • Facility Conceptual Plan and/or Prototype
  • Heat Mapping to determine site location 
  • Cash Flow Analysis to determine debt/lease capacity 
  • Debt Strategy: How much makes sense?
  • Data Analysis to determine fundraising capacity and strategy, if necessary
  • Total Project Budget(s) based on needs analysis and building types 
  • Lease or Buy Analysis
  • Property Search Criteria 
  • A Clear Strategy to define the right opportunity 

Fund The Right Project Faster.

You can know the outcome before you make a commitment. With our Free Analysis, we provide a no-cost, no-obligation, and confidential analysis for your church.