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Ministry Solutions Clear Path Forward Analysis

Property Acquisitions & Development

We identify the right property and provide competitive financing to help you buy and develop your cutting-edge facility

All too often, buildings become short term solutions with long term consequences. Without the right leadership, it is easy to purchase a property that doesn’t meet your long term programmatic needs, brings “surprises” due to unforeseen expenses, or includes projects that take more time to complete than necessary. The result is that many churches end up missing budget and timeline goals, which can erode trust in the congregation and prolong timelines.

Whether you are relocating from a portable to a permanent location for the first time or establishing a permanent multisite campus finding and purchasing the right building at the right price is critical. It’s one of the more difficult challenges because bank funding, fundraising, feasibility, due diligence, pricing, and design have to come together quickly in order to eliminate surprises and accelerate the timeline.

Over the past eight years, Ministry Solutions has led many churches through the process of acquiring and developing properties all over the country from land development to adaptive re-use conversions to church mergers. We assess the programmatic needs of the church, identify the building type and spacial requirements, create a financial model before a potential property becomes available, and move forward when the right opportunity comes along to ensure your needs are met.

Through our Clear Path Forward process along with our team of experts who specialize in bank financing, real estate, and project management, we will not only help you seize your next opportunity but lead you in negotiating the terms of the deal, bank funding, and development from concept to completion. 

Core Services:

  • Program and Space requirements
  • Deal Negotiation
  • Due Diligence Leadership
  • Coordination with Authorities having Jurisdiction
  • Attorney and Lender Coordination
  • Zoning Advisement and Coordination 
  • Lender Funding Procurement 
  • Architect and Engineer Selection 
  • Conceptual Design 
  • Long Term Real Estate and Financial Strategy 
  • Master Budgeting 
  • Schedule Development and Management 
  • Project Management 

Is your Church ready for growth? 

You can know the outcome before you make a commitment. With our Free Analysis, we provide a no-cost, no-obligation, and confidential analysis for your church.