The Future of the Church in 2024

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“There is certainty in God’s Promise, just not in His process.”

For the Church, 2023 felt like the first full year of adapting to a new normal. There were significant increases in investments related to digital engagement strategies, a major increase of success in activating spaces for community impact, and anecdotally, there just seemed to be a renewed passion and excitement among leaders for what God is doing in His Church. 

There is still quite a bit of change and adaptation coming. External factors will continue to impact the Church in its in-person and digital strategies, which is the purpose of writing this resource. 

We have been studying where successful companies are investing in order to prepare for the future, and the correlations to where we are as a church seem to be very relevant. Within our report, The Future of the Church in 2024, we will discuss the following: 

  • How the commercial real estate market will impact multisite, development, mergers, and church growth
  • How the shared space economy is growing and creating opportunities for the Church
  • The impact of digital engagement on church growth
  • The role AI will play as we go forward

 As you prepare for 2024, we hope that this is a helpful resource for you and your team!

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