From Buildings to Impact: Revolutionizing Church Strategies


Ministry Solutions has built its reputation on helping churches solve complex real estate and finance solutions. In fact, in 2022, we crossed over $1B of projects that we have managed and funded for churches. We’ve created multisite strategies for over 100 churches, brought millions of dollars of passive income to otherwise empty church buildings, and ultimately saved churches millions of dollars by managing their building projects well. 

However, a few years ago we started to see the trend that people were coming to church less often, building use and footprints were changing, and how people were engaging with the local church was becoming different. 

My ultimate passion is to help churches create holistic strategies that maximize their impact in reaching the lost, and buildings are just one tool to effectively accomplish that.

So we expanded our services by recruiting the best leaders from some of the most impactful churches in America in other areas of ministry. Here are a few examples of that: 

  • Digital Ministry: helping churches create strategies to increase engagement, discipleship, and evangelism 

  • Organizational clarity and strategy: aligning teams around their mission to unlock the God-inspired vision for their church 

  • Church Mergers: Accelerating ministry growth through healthy adoptions

  • Succession Planning: protecting the legacy of churches by providing healthy transitions in leadership 

  • Data Insights and Reporting: Helping churches turn raw numbers into compelling stories 

  • Buildings that Fund Ministry: Create income through serving your community during the week 

No one person can be an expert in all of these areas. Ministry Solutions Group is a team of experts with established track records of success with other churches, such as Life.Church, Crossroads, Seacoast, Lakepointe, North Coast, Chase Oaks, Willow Creek, 12Stone, Liquid Church, and more. 

If you are looking for clarity and strategy to maximize impact, we want to help! Simply click on the link below and someone from our team will follow up with you within the next 24 hours for a free consultation. 

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