Why We Rebranded To Ministry Solutions Group


Clients often teach us a lot. While so many of the churches we are working with are shifting strategies and reorganizing, we asked ourselves the question of whether or not having two brands and a separate org structure made sense to the leaders we set out to serve. 

And the answer was no.

When I started Ministry Solutions, my background and experience were in real estate and finance, so I led with that. Ten years later, we have managed and funded over $1B in church projects, created millions and millions of dollars of savings for the churches we served, and millions of dollars of passive income from activated spaces. 

However, while real estate and finance were my practice, it was not my only real passion. What I learned about myself is that my passion is helping churches figure out how to reach thousands of people who were like me… wanting a big, loving God to exist, but not understanding how to reconcile the idea of an amazing, personal, big God with their own life experiences. And buildings, while important, are just one way to do that. To be holistically effective, churches need a digital strategy, organizational alignment, strong transitions in leadership, and more. 

But I’m not the guy who pretends to be an expert in everything, So, the only obvious question is,

“Who are the best at what they do in all of the most important areas where churches need clarity?”

And then I sought out the people who had the experience, qualifications, and heart to serve churches in those areas. The result was recruiting an absolute all-star team uniquely equipped to lead churches into their God-inspired vision. 

So why did we rebrand?

To be more clear and effective in how we serve churches. Our team is passionate about working with innovative, forward-thinking leaders who want to maximize their impact. If that is you, we would love to help. Click the button below so we can connect you with the right team to take you from your current reality to your preferred future. 

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