The Digital Platform: Your Greatest Evangelism Tool

*Originally published April 11, 2022

Unchurched people have a certain perspective of the church whether from their own experience or a borrowed one. There is often a presumptive picture in their minds of what a church looks like and how it treats people, which can inhibit them from stepping inside the walls of a church building. Based on the development of my own personal ministry, I’ve learned that the unchurched typically have issues with Christians, not God. I believe that there is a God-sized hole in everyone’s life based on the truths that people are both His creation and His inheritance. In short, people innately want God to exist. It’s just difficult for them to reconcile a good God with bad circumstances or bad experiences, especially those experiences dealt by the hands of those who self-identify as Christ-like. We know that Jesus loves people for who they are where they are, no matter who and where that is. 

That being said, we have an unbelievable opportunity with the digital platform to meet people where they are with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can introduce them to the Gospel in the comfort of their homes, eliminating the tension of walking into a foreign environment with new people whom they potentially already mistrust. 

The digital platform of the church in 2020 can do exactly what the Gutenberg press did to Europe in the thirteenth century. The Gutenberg press pioneered access to the Gospel for everyone without perceived bias or abuse.

However, even in the genius of its application, the press pales in comparison to the reach of the internet. We have an opportunity to bring the message of healing and salvation to the living rooms of millions of people across the world. Similarly to the church before the advent of the Gutenberg Press, people have had to go to a church or to a priest/pastor in order to access the invitation of the Gospel. No longer. The seeds of evangelism are being sown to a broader, more accessible audience than ever before.

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